House designed from scratch

We bring the experience of designing outer space habitats into modern buildings for the next century.


The key advantages of the house

We have designed our house with regard to material reduction and simple construction

Modern materials

Houses were built from the same materials like wood, bricks last thousands years. We have explored the power of the laminated timber. It is already used in the different constructions. It provides simple nature material for the house.

Patented geometry

The house is made of components, which are designed for mass scale automated manufacturing. The patented geometry guarantees the the house construction simplicity and maximises the use of the materials.

Floor plan flexibility

Our house design has practically no internal holding structure. Thin walls and extra large space provide high flexibility to accommodate all your dreams. You can personalize the internal layouts or your home floor plan at anytime – now or in the future.

Fast assembly

The standardised components are built using automated lines. Costly landscaping and excavation are not required. Full documentation and video manuals allow fast assembly without construction machinery. The house is built within a week without need of heavy machinery.

Excellent Energy management

High efficiency is achieved used by the combination of several factors such as shape of the house, HVAC unit with build-in heat pump, solar panels covering the roof of the house, triple glasses and wall insulation.

Affordable and shipable

The geodesic shape of the house reduces the amount required materials needed. The house components are made in automated assembly lines and carefully packed. We will ship the house to you in the standardize containers.

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