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Energy efficency and termoregulation

Temperature regulation

The dome shape of the house optimizes the use of the sun all year around. The insulation reduce the heat transfers. The system of the shades provides protection from the summer sun and allows to heat-up the house during the winter season.

Each house is also equipped by active HVAC with built-in heat pump to cool or warm-up the house naturally by air circulation via the air condition.

Active heating

The efficient air-to-air heat pump to warm-up the house is provided as part of the HVAC system. The innovative system not only regulates the temperature in each room but also optimize the air humidity. The fresh air is provide via controlled ventilation via the heat exchange. For extreme winter conditions, the house has also electric floor heating foils. If preferred eventually a local heating source, like stove, can be installed.

The house shape provides much better surface to volume area than traditional house saving 30% of the energy. The surface of the house reflects the most of the summer sunlight while 15 cm insulation panels (PIR materials) to further reduce the energy needs. We have equipped the house with triple glass windows to minimize the heat exchange.
Windows shading

The house allows large windows due the ability to electronically control the transparency and exterior blinds. The combination of these two protects the overheating of the house during the summer season. On the other hand allow to warm-up the house just by the sun during the winter. This allow higher energy efficiency than a classical home.

Photovoltaic power plant

Each house has built-in solar roof power plant of 12 pkW. It is part of the top of the house modules. The distribution of the panels over the round roof provides consistent power supply from early morning to the evening, all year around. The exceed power is used for warming the utility water.

Automatically controlled

The energy system management allows to monitor and access the settings of the environment control. The house automatically tracks the set temperature, humidity and airflow targets. You can quickly set it up using your mobile phone application.

Wind turbine

The vertical axis, silence wind turbine of 1 pkW is an optional module. It can be placed on the top of the house to create additional source of energy to power the house. The wind complements with photovoltaic power plants during the year and allow recharging the house batteries day or night.

Small  electric battery is a complementary component of the house. It allows to utilize the exceed power from the photovoltaic plants or wind turbine and power the house during the night. Please contact our staff to discuss the options of fully off-grid capability – many factors have to be considered.

Used Materials

Wood materials

We used eco-friendly wood with negative CO2 emissions for the house stucture. Glued laminated timber is made of parallel glued and dried slats of one type of wood. The wood provides low heat conductivity and structural strengths. The protective coating guarantees decades without need for specific treatment. 

Zero maintenance
We use ply wood and timber materials, which are nature materials used in commercial constructions for decades. Colors are stable thanks to UV resistant protective coating. The materials don’t age. The house is designed to last for centuries to come. There is zero maintenance required besides cleaning the windows.


The dome house is designed to withstand all type of weather conditions – heavy rain, snow or sandy hot environment. The weight of the snow is equally distributed and the top area small. Thanks to the shape of the house, the high winds blow naturally around. The roofing panels are mounted to the construction creating one solid structure.

Sandwich panels

The modern sandwich panels provides the best value for money in terms of weight, insulation and cost. External metallic sheet reflects the sun, while 15 cm of PIR foam creates the perfect insulation. The factory production guarantees high dimension accuracy. So they fit-in into the house load bearing construction.

House Construction

No Excavation

The use of light composite materials allow for replacement of the cement basement by just ground archers. That reduce the cost of the construction and speed-up the build process as there is no excavation needed. The ground doesn’t need to be elevated. The tools to set the archers are provided as part of the house. The house is hold at the ground by strong bolts instead of just its weight.

DIY your home?

There is no heavy machinery required to assemble the house. Each step is documented in easy to read manuals. So you can build the house with easy just by yourself instead of our team. However the local authorities might require a specialist for particular components – e.g. completion of the photovoltaic power plant, etc. These might need to be revised by the certified electrician. 


The house is build in three steps on the spot. The base of the house is done by screwing together the profiles into the trapezoid elements. The second step is completed by adding the wall/window/roof segments into the base constructions. Weight of each segment is low allowing to be handled by just two people. The last step is to complete the internal walls and other cabling and plumbing.

House floor plan design

The floor plan is agreed and consulted by our architect. You can use one of our templates or design a house which fits your needs. It can be modified at any point in the future.

Do you want to split a room? Or just change the sizes? No problem! The internal walls are easily modifiable despite providing an excellent acoustics isolation.

Connect the house to the grid

The needed grid connectivity and piping are provided at a single point – in the center of the house. The service shaft distributes the pipes from the ground level to the second level of the house. The distribution to the specific room and location is done by dedicated shaft between the floor segments.

What colors are available?
Several color options are available. We do prefer light tones, which are excellent for the house overall thermal stability. The most common is the white option, which complements nicely with the wooden exterior blinds. If you are interested into other color options, please contact our sales team for more details.
Electricity and water distribution

The house floor segments are designed specifically to allow easy cabling and piping to the location. All the cables and pipes are part of the house kit. The central column is used for the distribution between the ground and the first floor. The modular wall system allow to reach the right spot in the house with ease. 

Construction time

The house is designed for fast assembly. Our experience and trained crew will set it up within two weeks upon delivery of the components to the site. The electric grid, water and waste pipes are expected to be completed prior. If you decided to go with DYI option, please allow a few extra weeks. 



The house is provided as ready to move-in, however some specifics like kitchen are left for the preference of the owner. We are partnering with IKEA to provide the preferred option, however you are free to chose from any suppliers. Please check also our open hardware furniture database for house specific items.

Is there a garage?

The house doesn’t provide an internal space for cars or garage. We might provide it in the future, but for now we do recommend to engage a local provider either for car park shades or garages of variety of types – e.g. with build-in solar panels. That is more economical and also ecological option providing an extra energy and cover for the vehicle.

Rain water tank

As optional features, the rain water “roof” gutters can be installed. They are circling the house at the ground level. The rain water can be then diverted to the drainage or to the underground rain water tank for use in gardening.

We don’t provide the option to use the water inside the house at the moment. Please consult with your local builder in case you want to have the water tank installed. 


The house is air tight by its design to optimize the use of energy and comply with the highest ecological standards of passive house. So a specific fireplace with chimney would be required. To provide a more economical solution, we are recommending an ethanol fireplace. It has no smoke, no soot, no ash. It provides an unique atmosphere and the heat generated by the fireplace during combustion isn’t lost up the chimney.

How can I model my house?

We are working on a simple program, which will allow to design your home like IKEA offers for the kitchens. For now, please contact our team, which will assist you with the design and provide you the best option for your individual needs. 

House permit

We have designed the house to meet the most common standards and regulations. However each municipalities might have a specific needs and requirements. The house project will be available for validating the local needs. So you can get the permit prior placing the house order. 

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