We are building the homes of the future

It is much more than a lovely home. Your neighbors will be knocking on the future.  We believe that every family should have modern, comfortable, energy efficient and affordable home. 

We bring the experience of designing outer space habitats into the modern buildings for the next century. The dome are the most durable structures providing an excellent volume/surface area. 

Key house advantages:

A triangle is the strongest structure. The geodetic shape provides an excellent structure stability, better surface to volume effectiveness. 

Floor plan flexibility

Our house design has no internal holding structure. That allows flexible internal layouts fit-to-grid. You can personalize or update your home floorplan. Now or anytime in the future.

Modern materials

Houses were built from the same materials like wood, bricks last thousands years. We have explored the potential of new strong, light and composite materials.

Affordable and shipable

The design reduces the amount required materials. Components are made in automated assembly line in our factory. We will ship the energy efficient house to you in standardize containers.

Fast assembly kit

The standardize modules are built as a kit. Costly landscaping and excavation are not required. Full documentation and video manuals allow fast assembly without construction machinery.

Twice as large

We reduce the number of material required to build a house by 50% while increasing the floor area available by 100%. This is due to like catenary shape of the house.

Experience in VR

It is difficult to visualize the house just from a floor plan. We allow you to configure, visit and experience your house in full VR.

The basic construction of the building made from composite materials weight less than 2.000 kg. Other advantages of composites are:

  • Stronger than steel in the direction of profile
  • Use 6x less energy to be produced than Aluminium
  • Fire resistant, so they can be used to build the house construction
  • Very light and with low heat conductivity

Chose the size & design your new home

The several size/dimension of the house would be provided. They all are extension of the one main design. So, the components can be reused and design shared among all of them. 

MARS Buildings houses would have three major variants:

  • 3-Level House with the floor area of  ~240m2
  • 2-Level House with the floor area of  ~130m2
  • 1-Level House with the floor area of  ~65m2

M.A.R.S. stands for Modern Assembly Residential System. The recent development in construction materials, revolutionary shape of the house and mass production allow to build a modern, spatial and energy efficient home for 25% of the typical cost. The zero dead space allows optimal usage of the floor and air circulation.

The house can be built on ground anchors instead of concrete foundation. Domes use less energy to heat and cool. Sun is always striking at all house Earth orientation. The temperature is uniformly distributed within dome. Dome structures are the most resilient to earthquakes, hurricanes.

"Everybody can be an architect. Design your house and experience it in 360° and VR. "
Tomas Rousek
Space Architect

Save 75% of the Building cost

Learn, how MARS Buildings can be much cheaper than any other house.