Why to buy our home?

Energy and Eco friendly home

CO2 Neutral

No cement is used to build the house. We are using materials with minimal or negative CO2 footprint. That means savings equal to 120.000 km driven with a combustion car.

Build-in Photovoltaic

The top of the house is covered by the solar panels. The energy is used to power the house. The exceed energy is sold to the grid.

Energy Efficiency

Domes use less energy to heat and cool thanks to the better surface:volume ration. Sun is always striking at all house Earth orientation.

No cold corners

The temperature is uniformly distributed within dome. Zero dead space allows optimal usage of the air circulation.

Disaster proof

Dome structures are the most resilient to earthquakes, hurricanes. The catenary arch is the strongest shape supporting itself.

No Thick Inner walls

Domes require fewer building materials, provide layout flexibility. The most walls are straights. Only outer walls are made of segments.

Our house is up-to 75% cheaper

Savings at the house construction:

Additional extra savings:

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